Plastic Granulators
By Hindustan Plastic 20 April, 2019

Plastic Granulators

In the plastics industry, Granulators are an integral part of the production process. Granulators take scrap material and re-grind the material into fine pieces that can be re-melted and processed again into finished product. In large companies, it is not unusual to see large hopper type Granulators at each molding machine. With the ever increasing cost of fossil fuels, reclaiming and recycling the scrap plays a major role in keeping production costs down.

This list is just some of the many choices out there. When purchasing a machine, do a side by side spreadsheet comparison of features and benefits to find the right machine for you.

The heart of any Granulator is the cutting chamber and the granulator blades. It is imperative that you keep the components, blades and screens, in optimal condition. Keeping blades sharp will decrease wear and tear on your machine and give you the best recycled product to re-process.

Another key is to know what you are cutting up or recycling. Does the plastic have additives that will increase abrasion to the blades? A good way to judge this is when you change the blades out or check the blades; you will find a blade tip that is rounded over. It almost looks like it was ground or sanded.